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Our Employees


Marjetka Levstek, PhD (Chem. Eng.)

Marjetka Stražar, PhD (Biol.)
CEO advisor

Research and Development Laboratory

Barbara Brajer Humar, MSc (Biol.)
Analyst / Head of Quality

Ivanka Vode

Anže Tekavc, Bsc (Chem. Eng.)
Process Engineer

Financial Accountant services

Maja Kavšek, BSc Economics, MSc Economics
Accounting Services Ekonom d.o.o.

Majda Marija Mulec, BSc (Econ)

Katarina Maren, BSc (Econ)

Technology processes

Peter Cerar, BSc (Chem. Eng.)
Project Manager

Rok Pirnat, BSc (Chem. Eng.)
Process Technologist

Roman Svetlin, BSc (Municipal Eng.)
Process Engineer

Ljudevit Hrženjak
Head of Electrical Maintenance

Peter Hudnik, BSc (Mech. Eng.)
Process Engineer

Matej Černivec, BSc (Env. Eng.)
Process Engineer

Matevž Anžin
Electrical Maintenance Technician

Domen Gradišek
Electrical Maintenance Technician

Janez Sojer
Mechanical Technician

Dušan Sojer
Mechanical Technician

Gregor Žefran, BSc (Mech. Eng.)
Process Engineer

Dominik Žendar
Mechanical Technician

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About us

JP CČN Domžale-Kamnik d.o.o.
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+386 1/ 72 46 500


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