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ELES, d.o.o. (2018) – a seminar on small wastewater treatment plants (MKČN)

There are several possible wastewater treatment processes, so to all users of small wastewater treatment plants the expertise and experience from this field are more than welcome. We are glad that particular practical cases were dealt with at the seminar held by the Domžale-Kamnik CČN and that we were able to exchange views on and experiences from this field. We would recommend this seminar to anyone who is not sure which wastewater treatment technology to choose or anyone who requires additional information on the use of the plant in order for its operation and maintenance to run as expected.

SORA Development Agency (2011, 2013) - a seminar on small wastewater treatment plants (MKČN)
Municipality of Postojna (2012) - a consultation for residents on small wastewater treatment plants
JP Komunala Črnomelj (2012) – assessment of the operation of the small wastewater treatment plant at Griblje with suggestions for improvement
Municipality of Radeče (2011) - project documentation review for Radeče wastewater treatment plant ; development of a mathematical model
Lek Mengeš (2009, 2010) - wastewater treatment plant operation analysis for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and operation simulation
OKP Rogaška Slatina (2007) – professional consulting on the Rogaška Slatina wastewater treatment plant operation with assessment and suggestions for improvement
SEGIS d.o.o. (2005, 2006) – laboratory pilot testing on effectivness of Kuraray PVA-gel carrier

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